WM Feature Requests

This is a unordered list of (personal) Feature Requests at waymarking.com. Maybe GS will add some of this features to the site one day …

This list is absolutly inofficial! It is created and maintained by myself! It’s neigther an official list of Groundspeak nor of waymarking.com!

  • Bigger Map: It would be great if there would be a bigger map somewhere at the site
  • Profile > Statistics > Post per Month: show the number of waymarks per month when you move mouse over
  • Profile > Statistics > Reviews: show the number of waymarks reviewed by the player
  • Profile >maps: the map of asia shows the whole world. Why?
  • Profile >maps: a click on a country/state should give a search result with the waymarks of that country/state
  • Profile >maps: possibility to create a map with regions of all countries. eg Germany (Bundesländer), France (Departments), …
  • Profile > categories: create a new tab with the categories the player is officer or leader in
  • Pocket Querries: add the possibility to create ‚Pocket Querries‘ (PQ) known from Geocaching with all selected waymarks in a selection area
  • email-Notifications for new waymarks: add the possibility of automatically generated email-Notifications for new waymarks in selected areas
  • GPXlite-files: include ALL details into the downloadable GPXlite-files, eg coordinates
  • Format of GPXlite-files: change the format of the GPXlite-Files so it is compatible with paperless geocaching possibility on GPSr (Garmin)
  • API: create an API for access of 3rd party tools
  • Waymarking App: create a native app (Android, iOS, …) for waymarking
  • Site-wide statistics: add several new site-wide statistics like Top-Poster, Top-Visiter, Top-Reviewer, …
  • New Messaging-System: add the new Messaging-System known from Geocaching to the waymarking site
  • Picture-Upload: create a new picture-upload where you can select several pictures to be uploaded together
  • RSS-Feed: add more details to the RSS-Feed, eg. coordinates of the new waymarks
  • KML/Google Earth: add the possibility to filter out My Waymarks and already visited waymarks in the KML with Google Earth

Do you have another Feature Request for the list?

Please fill in the formular. Maybe I want to add it to my personal list!

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