WM Bug-Tracking

This should be a list of known Bugs at waymarking.com. Maybe GS will use it one day to fix this problems …

This list is absolutly inofficial! It is created and maintained by myself! It’s neigther an official list of Groundspeak nor of waymarking.com!

  • E/W-Bug: alias East-West-Bug: sometimes when you enter coordinates for a new waymark in the ‚Eastern World‘ the coordinate changes to ‚W‘ when saving. (seems to fixed in 09/15)
  • N/S-Bug: alias North-South-Bug: sometimes when you enter coordinates for a new waymark in the ‚Southern Hemisphere‘ the coordinate changes to ‚N‘ when saving. (seems to fixed in 09/15)
  • Update statistics: If you try to update your statistics at your profile using the button you’ll get a server error. This bug comes always! (seems to fixed in 09/15)
  • Blurry Images: If a waymark image is portrait-oriented, it gets blurry. (fixed in 09/15)
  • Search from Here: Button under the map does not work. (seems to fixed in 09/17)
  • Index of Categories: The index of the existing categories is broken. Newer categories cannot be found in the category search. (seems to fixed in 09/17)
  • Index of Waymarks: The index of the existing waymarks is broken. Only geo-located searches work. Searches without a location do not work. (seems to fixed in 09/17)
  • Lost coordinates: sometimes when you have entered coordinates for a new waymark, the coordinates get lost (all zero) when saving. This seems to be time-related.
  • Group Details Officer List: If the list is long and a second page exists, using the link to this page gives a server error. This bug comes always!
  • Double Notification Mail: If a group member is promoted, the notification mail comes twice. In old and new design. This bug comes always!
  • The Limbo: If a new waymark was voted on by the group and not enough officers voted, the waymark gets into the so-called ‚Limbo‘. An officer has to click into the category to set the waymark free.
  • Results of Peer Review: The results and comments of a Peer Review are not aviable to the officers when Peer Review has ended. This broke sometimes ago.
  • Email Subject: If you send an email to group members, there’s an input field for the subject of the mail. But its value is not used as subject of the mail.
  • HTML-Sample for Stats Bar: The given HTML-Sample for the integration of the personal stats bar in the profile is buggy. The links to the picture is missing some part of the URL.
  • Private Comments on Waymarks: Private comments added to Waymarks are not detected as a change thus will not be added unless another change is made.
  • Officer Comments on Waymarks: Officer Comments on declined or approved Waymarks are nowhere shown to the owner. Only given in the mail.

Do you have another Bug for the Bug-Tracking-List?

Please fill in the formular. Maybe I want to add it to my personal list!

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